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Wrath is certainly the biggest World of Warcraft expansion yet. There is a long list of fun stuff to do and even the most experience WoW player will have their hands full with the all-new achievements, barbershop, pets, WoW Gold and more.


What better way to track your progress in WoW than with Achievements? Achievements record all the notable and neat things youve done in WoW. Ranging from loving critters to conquering all the instances, youll never run out of things to do.

There are several categories of achievements viewable on the left side of the achievement window. Click them will show what achievements youve earned and the achievements that you have left. The categories are as follows:

  • General: Achievements in this category are a mixed bag focusing a lot on various things such as levels, reading books, drinking, mounts, looting WoW Gold, etc.
  • Quests: Focuses on completing difficult quest lines and meeting various total quests completed milestones.
  • Exploration: Exploring a map to 100% will unlock an achievement here.
  • Player vs. Player: Reaching honorable kill milestones, killing the leaders of the opposing faction, participating in the arenas, and other pvp related activities will unlock achievements here (some even reward mounts).
  • Dungeons & Raids: Killing certain bosses in instances, obtaining a certain number of any of the badges of honors, and other instance related activities end up here
  • Professions: Everything professions. Reaching a certain level in a profession to doing profession quests unlock achievements here.
  • Reputation: Getting to exalted with various reputations will unlock achievements here.
  • World Events: Each seasonal event has one or more achievements here.
  • Feats of Strength: These are achievements that are considered near impossible to obtain.

There are even achievements that track the amount of WoW Gold you obtain. Refer to your Achievements window by pressing Y on your keyboard. Go ahead and try some, youll be addicted to achievements in no time.

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The barbershop allows you to customize your characters appearance in-game. You can find barbershops in the major cities of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Just sit down, choose a hairstyle, facial customization, and youre all set. It costs very little WoW Gold and is a nice way to express your character more.


Vanity pets have always been the object of affection for many a collector. After patch 3.0.2, pets do not take any more bag space and have their own tab in the character status screen (C). Now you can collect as much as you like and never worry about running out of slots. Some require a bit of effort while some cost WoW Gold. Here are the newest additions in Wrath:

Pet How to obtain
Cobra Hatchling Dropped by Cracked Egg from Mysterious Egg after 7 days
Ghostly Skull Buy for 40 WoW Gold from Darahir at Dalaran
Giant Sewer Rat Dropped by Fishing Loot in Dalaran Underbelly
Kirin Tor Familiar Speak to Archmage Vargoth at the Violet Citadel
Pengu Buy for 12 WoW Gold from Sairuk in Dragonblight or Tanaika in Howling Fjord
Proto Drake Whelp Dropped by Cracked Egg from Mysterious Egg after 7 days
White Tickbird Hatchling Dropped by Cracked Egg from Mysterious Egg after 7 days
Vampiric Batling Dropped by Tenris Mirkblood in Karazhan (Level 72+)
Frosty Promo pet from Wrath of the Lich King Collector’s Edition
Stinker Collect 50 vanity pets

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