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In Wrath, the level cap will be raised from level 70 to level 80. New skills, talents, and stat increases come with these 10 levels as well as all-new quests and areas to explore. To effectively level in the new areas, you must take note of the different areas, how to get there, where to train your skills, and which quests to pick. Find out how to get from level 70 to 80 easily with our guide.

Starting area:

As you arrive in Northrend starting zones, you will find the area packed with a large number of quests. Youll also find some of the profession and class trainers in this area. Those looking for new recipes and profession skills should go get them and level them up on the way.

Where to get quests:

Questing is really easy and somewhat focused in the areas you usually get quests to go to so pretty easy. Quests that require you to gather items take very little time but also have a lot of variety from older quests. These quests are a lot easier and fun to do, with exciting rewards and WoW Gold. You can also get reputation from the Northrend factions through quests.

At level 70-77, you will be using ground mounts because there is no flying in the continent of Northrend until you reach 77, at which time you can Buy Cold Weather Flying in Dalaran on the flight pad or in Scholazar Basin at the Flight Master for 1,000 WoW Gold.

WoW Leveling Guide

Leveling up:

There are several quest hubs and flight paths in either of the starter zones. In Howling Fjord, quests are bunched up in specific places and only require you to go back and forth. Its very easy to quickly complete most the quests in a quest area and your next objectives are also grouped together in a specific area. Take all the quests that are together in one quest area and do them all at once to gain the most experience and WoW Gold with the least amount of time.

Make sure to bring ample WoW Gold and supplies for your journey in Northrend. Youll want to spend more time leveling up and less time going back to town to buy supplies with WoW Gold. Depending on your class, you may want to bring enough potions, flasks, food, and drink to last you a decent time. One good drink to have is Pungent Seal Whey which can be bought from Azeroth and Outland merchants.

In Howling Fjord for the Horde faction, the first quest youd want to do is received from High Executor Anselm. He gives a series of quests that can be easily done and turned in for quick experience and WoW Gold. He also gives the quest chain for Utgarde Keep, the first Northrend Dungeon (level 70) which gives a number of quest rewards. Try to do all the quests from High Executor Anselm for maximum experience and rewards and then choose the quest that you prefer afterwards. This applies to both the Alliance and the Horde.

At Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra, there are a lot of quests to take on as a Horde character. You will eventually get a quest from High Overlord Saurfang which requires you to return to Orgrimmar and speak with Thrall. This leads to an epic quest chain Battle for Undercity. As Alliance, there are plenty of simple quests to do that net you a good amount of experience. Valiance Keep has some good quests and be sure to pick the ones that is grouped together for maximum experience and WoW Gold gain.

Make your way up to Amber Ledge and be sure to take the quests that lead you up there. Do the quest chains for the Kirin Tor faction that will allow you to obtain a quest from Surristrasz the Elite Flight Master dragon to reach the Nexus Coldarra area where the Nexus is.

The Nexus Coldarra has some of the most fun and rewarding quests that lead into The Nexus dungeon instance (level 71-73). Before entering, be sure you get the dungeon quests to earn a hefty amount of WoW Gold and gear. You get a large amount of exp and WoW Gold in The Nexus and its a good idea to run it a few times with your guild/group. The level 80 instanceThe Oculus is also inside The Nexus.

In the Howling Fjord, there are several quests hubs that can easily get you to 72 or higher. Doing the quests in Howling Fjord will lead you to Dragonblight and open up more quests for you to do. The Tuskarr and Kamagua area also has some good quests that also contribute to your reputation for the faction The Kalu'ak. You can find Utgarde Keep (level 70) and Utgarde Pinnacle (level 80) in the same area).

WoW Leveling Guide

If you find the starting areas crowded with people, you can opt to go to the Grizzly Hills. The Grizzly Hills is a lush, forest area with lots of quests which can get you up to level 75 and up. There is also a PvP area, so be careful.

As you go up in levels, Northrend opens up a whole new world for you to explore and conquer. You can go on and proceed based on your factions quest chains or continue running instances for quick exp.

Going to 80, most will most likely be at Icecrown or Storm Peaks because of the high experience and rewards. The leveling curve has slightly been made easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Quick Reference:

Here are some good pointers to follow when you want to progress in an effective manner. You dont have to follow this strictly and you can substitute each area with something you prefer.

Alliance WoW Guide
  70-72 Borean Tundra/Nexus
  70-74 Howling Fjord/Utgarde Keep
  74-76 Azjol-Nerub/Ahn’kahet
  77-80 Sholazar Basin/Storm Peaks/Ice Crown
Horde WoW Guide
  70-72 Howling Fjord/Utgarde Keep
  72-74 Dragonblight
  74-76 ZulDrak/Sholazar Basin
  77-80 Icecrown/Storm Peaks

WoW Leveling Guide