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TSW Gold

Buy Cheap TSW Gold at IGE


IGE registered agents will never ask you to return currency once delivered. If you are contacted in-game by any person claiming to be an IGE agent, please:

We value you and your business! Games should be a safe environment for everyone. And they should be free from in-game SPAM. Let's work together to stamp out abuse!

Why Buy TSW Gold from IGE?

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About The Secret World

The Secret World uses a currency called TSW gold. It is a unique, ultra-modern MMORPG from Funcom, the makers of Age of Conan. TSW, which takes place in a modern day setting, promises to tantalize, intrigue, and keep gamers glued to their computers as they slay demons, fight monsters, and battle Secret Societies in a bid to save the human race from total annihilation.

Choose from three Secret Societies (factions in TSW): the Illuminati, the Templars, the Dragon. Game progression occurs through the acquisition of skills and weapons (note that you'll need lots of TSW Gold to progress more easily); TSW has no classes and no levels! Get to the endgame faster with TSW Pax from IGE®.

In TSW, you'll need your wits about you; brains are as important as brawn. Attention to detail is needed to solve shadowy conspiracies, undergo missions and uncover secrets.

Buy TSW Gold at IGE® to purchase weapons, clothing, and powers with ease. Since there are no classes, there are no class restrictions on what to wear - get the gear you want, wear the clothes you want!

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