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Tibia Gold

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About Tibia Online

Tibia was released in 1997 and uses "tibia gold" as its currency. It is considered one of the oldest MMOs on the planet and is developed and published by CipSoft. This game relies on a simple 2d "top-view" world environment, which may not have helped its popularity. As of 2011, the game is now browser based using Adobe Flash, allowing you to play Tibia on most any internet device that supports Flash. Tibia is a free-to-play game, though you can pay a fee to upgrade to a premium account giving you more content to explore, extra spells, and vocation promotions.

Like most every mmorpg, in Tibia you gain experience by defeating enemy NPCs, getting gold, doing quests and even PvP if that's your fancy. There are over 77 servers to choose from when you create your character, and there are 3 types of worlds to choose from: open pvp, optional pvp, and hardcore pvp. There is one more type of game-play for premium (paying) members, and it is open pvp style.

There are four vocations (classes) to choose from when starting the game: knight, paladin, sorcerer and druid. Once you have mode your decision you cannot change your selected vocation without a character reset. At level 20, players have the option to purchase a vocation promotion for a one-time fee of 20,000 gold pieces, which gives your character multiple advantages in the game. Something that really sets Tibia apart from other games is that there is no level cap. You can always improve your character.

Magic abilities are abundant in Tibia, as all vocations can use magic to differing degrees. Naturally Sorcerers and Druids have the largest variety of spells, with the Paladin and Knight having fewer choices. There are two different types of magic in the game: instant magic (magic using mana), and rune magic (magic that needs a special type of rune to cast.) Spells can be bought from in game NPC guild leaders, while the runes can be bought from other NPCs and even other players.

Questing in the game is what you would expect from an MMORPG: helping an NPC with their problem, solving riddles, fighting enemy NPCs, and others that are yet unknown. CipSoft admits that there are quests in the game which no one knows about, to keep the element of mystery and spirit of exploration alive. Some zones in Tibia need to be unlocked first by completing a quest, such as the Isle of the Kings which is only accessed after the completion of the White Raven Monastery quest.

Even after 15 years of existence, CipSoft still continues to release updates for the game, about once every six months. Major updates can include new cities, new combat zones for experience grinding, balancing the vocation's abilities, and many other issues that need to be addressed. During the early 2000s, Tibia was gaining popularity from rural gamers, as the game does not need much bandwidth to play. Because of server performance reasons, CipSoft does not have accurate numbers of how many people actively play the game.

This really is a great game because it can be played most anywhere in the world. When you're ready to play, or if you're playing already, don't forget to Buy Tibia Gold from us right here at IGE.

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