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SWTOR Credits


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IGE registered agents will never ask you to return currency once delivered. If you are contacted in-game by any person claiming to be an IGE agent, please:

We value you and your business! Games should be a safe environment for everyone. And they should be free from in-game SPAM. Let's work together to stamp out abuse!

Why Buy SWTOR Credits from IGE?

IGE® operates the original and most trusted secure network for buying and selling virtual currency:

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About Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: the Old Republic (which uses the in-game currency SWTOR credits) is a groundbreaking sci-fi MMO based on the world-famous series Star Wars. Produced with a budget rumored to be the biggest in MMO history, SWTOR boasts some of the most stunning graphics, voiceovers and storyline quests in the gaming world.

As a SWTOR player, you take on the role of a hero or villain in a time when the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire are at war. You will be asked to choose between these two factions and eight fantasy classes. Pick up the rifle of a Galactic trooper or the lightsaber of a righteous Jedi or maybe the gun laser of a planet-hopping smuggler. The choice is yours.

With your character ready, it's time to earn begin adventuring! Instead of spending hours killing critters on Planet Tatooine, you can buy SWTOR credits to level up fast. You will also speed through all missions and defeat all opposing squads with your powered-up Jedi or Sith character.

Buy SWTOR Credits now at cheap prices from IGE®, the most trusted source for SWTOR credits in the entire galaxy.

To buy SWTOR credits for EU servers, please visit our SWTOR credits EU page.

To buy SWTOR credits for Asia Pacific servers, please visit our SWTOR credits AP page.

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