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Runescape Gold

Buy Runescape Gold at IGE


IGE registered agents will never ask you to return currency once delivered. If you are contacted in-game by any person claiming to be an IGE agent, please:

We value you and your business! Games should be a safe environment for everyone. And they should be free from in-game SPAM. Let's work together to stamp out abuse!

Why Buy RS Gold from IGE?

IGE® operates the original and most trusted secure network for buying and selling virtual currency:

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About Runescape

Runescape uses Runescape Gold (or RS Gold) as its in-game currency. Runescape is also the world's most popular free-to-play MMORPG, with 10 million active players each month and more than 150 million registered accounts since it launched in 2001.

As a Runescape player, you will have absolute freedom to do everything you want in the vast medieval fantasy world of Gielinor. The game works like a giant virtual sandbox where you create your own adventures and work for your own goals. Of course, having lots of Runescape Gold makes whatever path you choose easier and more fun!

Buy cheap RS Gold now at IGE.com to slay monsters and foes, explore maps and dungeons, build houses and items, and turn your new character into a powerhouse adventurer.

Combat lovers splurge on the best weapons and armor to become unstoppable in melee, magic or ranged. RS Gold helps you skip the long grind for crafting materials, which you need to max out skills and earn those coveted Capes of Accomplishment.

Buy cheap RS Gold from IGE® and stock up on life-restoring food and drinks to avoid death and the permanent loss of hard-earned gear and items.

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