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Rift Platinum


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IGE registered agents will never ask you to return currency once delivered. If you are contacted in-game by any person claiming to be an IGE agent, please:

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About RIFT

The in-game currency used in this game is Rift Platinum, sometimes also called Rift Plat, or Rift Gold. Rift is a beautiful fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Telara. In-game, you control a powerful Ascended hero tasked with defending the world against dragon lords and their destructive minions. You can customize your hero by choosing between six races and 32 distinct "soul" classes, each with its own unique spells and talents. The primary callings you will be choosing from to customize your character include Warrior, Cleric, Rogue or Mage classes.

Success comes easy when you have enough Rift Plat to purchase essential weapons, armor, mounts and other required items for fast leveling and progression. Rather than grind for hours, you can buy Rift Platinum to power through all content with ease, from difficult PvE dungeons to exciting PVP warfront matches.

Buy RIFT Platinum at IGE® and get guaranteed delivery every time. IGE® is the most trusted source for RIFT Platinum and other MMORPG virtual currency services.

To buy Rift Platinum for EU servers, please visit our Rift Platinum EU page.

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