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Rappelz Rupees

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About Rappelz

Rappelz was released in 2009 and uses "rappelz rupees" as its in-game currency. The game is developed by a Korean company named Gala Lab, and published through its various Gala themed companies, one in California and the other in Ireland.

The storyline of this game is the Gaia, the oldest race in the game, brought two more races into the world with the help of the gods. The two new races were the Deva (good), and the Asura (evil). This had balance and there was peace in the land. Of course as time went on a Gaia decided to become a witch, who is the villain in the game.

In Rappelz there are three races (mentioned above) and each race can choose between three playable classes: warrior, magician and the summoner. This is a traditional style mmorpg, where you will kill monsters for experience and complete quests. There is a pet system in the game as well, where you have pets fight along with you and level with you. There is a unique equipment upgrade system in the game, where the player knows if the item is upgradeable before buying it. Instead of having to buy a new item, just visit the blacksmith in town and upgrade it.

The fantasy world of Rappelz is a large mainland island, and a smaller island called "Trainee's Island," the starting location for all characters There are many regions in the game, each with appropriately leveled monsters and bosses, and by default every world area is a PvP and PvE area, except for some neutral cities like Katan, Horizon, Laksy and Rondo. Common NPCs that you will use in town are the weapon trader, armor trader, teleporter, lak trade, adventure guide, job supporter, and the merchant. Remember to buy rappelz rupees right here at IGE.

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