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Perfect World Gold

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About Perfect World

Perfect World is an MMORPG that uses "Perfect World Gold" as its in-game currency. Perfect World is developed and published by Beijing Perfect World, and was first released in China in 2005. PW (Perfect World) is a typical MMORPG that takes place in a fantasy world.

There are eight different playable races to choose from when creating your character, they are the: Earthguard, Humans, Tideborn, Untamed, and the Winged Elves. There are also 10 character classes to choose from as well, they are the: archer, assassin, barbarian, blademaster, cleric, mystic, psychic, seeker, venomancer, and the wizard. Each of these races and classes have different skill balances and are balanced against each other making party grouping and raiding very fun.

PW borrows ideas from many different MMO games and combines them together into this game. For example, there are player mounts that are both on the ground and flying mounts. Unlike other games however, is that you will need to feed your mount like other pets. The mounts also gain levels and grow slightly faster over time. While on a flying mount, called an "Aerogear", it is possible to attack while on the mount. There is also in-game marriage, where your character can be married to another character, in game, and there will be a marriage title displayed above their name. You must be at least level 20 to start the marriage quest. Remember to buy Perfect World Gold at IGE!

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