Industry leading affiliate program by IGE®

(April 2008)

IGE®, the world’s leading virtual services company, has launched their new affiliate program. Positioned as top of the MMORPG virtual trading industry they have on offer an affiliate package that beats any in its current market. They proffer 12% on all referred sales revenue with continued earnings from the same referral for 120 days. Additionally, publishers will earn a further 1% from referred publisher sales. IGE® is presenting a bonus by volume plan with very achievable bench mark increments plus a loyalty program that includes yearly bonus payouts.

With sales booming, IGE® takes full advantage of its reputation capitalizing the game currency market; which is how IGE® can afford to have best in class service and lowest range of prices. As leading brand, IGE® converts at approximately 15% with over 150,000 unique visitors per month. And with a recent marketing overhaul, trends indicate a significant increase in its subscriber portfolio.

Reliability and value is cited by Raoul Blautzik, senior vice president operations, as the company's simple strengths. He states: "Current sales turnover is just the tip of the iceberg for IGE®. I am proud of our strong affiliate relations and continue to be excited by our leading reputation. Building on our successes I am looking forward to working with old and new partners in this new and enterprising affiliate program to drive our goal to provide the gaming industry with top of the range virtual services."

About IGE®

IGE® is a wholly owned virtual trading platform of Vanuatu based Atlas Technology Group, Inc. The Atlas Technology group has been providing virtual assets for every major mmorpg, and has delivered billions of virtual currency globally. The company has acquired numerous websites and is the industry’s leader in providing innovative, time-saving solutions to their customers. More information about IGE® can be found at