In game spam

(January 2008)

IGE® who normally remain professionally still in the face of negative press now comment. Concerned with recent accusations that IGE® 'spam's' in-game; Raoul Blautzik, Senior Vice President Operations says: "IGE®'s sole aim is to enhance MMORPG game play not hinder it. As the industry's leading brand, IGE® can be targeted by small time competitors who attempt to disparage IGE®’s reputation and credibility. IGE® was made aware of one such company that claimed to be IGE® through in game spam and this was dealt with internally. Any in-game intervention that spoils game play such as spamming goes directly against IGE® company policies, it is intolerable behavior and frankly a route of trading that IGE® does not need to lower itself to. Simply put, IGE® has not and will never spam in game".

Raoul further adds’: "IGE® is sensitive to in-game economies and as policy positions its service practices in a way that actively avoids the dilapidation of MMORPG economic systems. As leading brand, IGE® tries to set this president across the industry. " Raoul also says that IGE® does not support the use of cheats, bots or hacks to create in-game currency.

About IGE®

IGE® is a wholly owned virtual trading platform of the Atlas Technology Group, Inc. The Atlas Technology group has been providing virtual assets for every major mmorpg, and has delivered billions of virtual currency globally. The company has acquired numerous websites and is the industry’s leader in providing innovative, time-saving solutions to their customers. For further information about the company visit