April,2008: "Lineage 2 Gets Hellbound"

Lineage II Gets Hellbound:

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Lineage II Get's Hellbound!

HELLBOUND, Lineage II's latest expansion and final installment of the First Throne Saga, is set to be launched this Friday, April 25th!

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Hellbound gives L2 players new reasons for needing Adena:

  • Players' level cap of 85
  • New high-end content
  • Legendary transformations
  • Skill enchantments
  • Power playing on the new server "Luna"
  • New hunting grounds
  • Evolved pets, such as wolves evolving to mounts
Enjoy the game without worrying if you have enough Adena to play. Count on IGE® to be there for you when it counts most, new content! We guarantee you will receive your order or your money back!
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Happy gaming!





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