June, 2008: "1 Week Sale"

July 4, 2008

Play HARD, Live FREE!

Celebrate personal freedom this Independence Day at IGE®. We are open for business, every day, all day, and we are offering Holiday Prices in every game. And remember, it’s the time of year when prices tend to increase daily. Don’t wait. Order now. This offer ends July 7th

Click any link below and get the currency you need now!

1000 WoW Gold US
10 Age of Conan US Gold
1000k FFXI Gil
1,000K EQ Plat
100 EQ2 Plat
100M Lineage 2 Adena

WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS AND WILL STRIVE HARD TO EARN IT! Have a TERIFFIC 4th of July. Enjoy family, and then sneak in a few hours of play time on your favorite game. We support your right to play it your way!

Happy Gaming!

Your friends at IGE®
PS: Please don’t be fooled by copycat sites like OOFAY and IGE.cc and IGE.blahblahblah …all claiming to be IGE.com. They are not affiliated with us in any manner. They are just bad English rip-off sites making promises they don’t keep, according to customer comments on the boards. Many claim to have lost their time, their money, AND their accounts. So please take care, read the fine print. The only companies affiliated with IGE.com link to …and from …IGE.com.

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