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MapleStory Mesos

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About Maple Story

Maple Story is a 2d side-scroller mmorpg that uses "maplestory mesos" as its in-game currency. Maple Story is created by a Korean company going by the name of Wizet. This is a free to play game and is very unique in that it is side-scrolling, contrary to traditional 3rd or 1st person 3d mmorpgs. MapleStory was first released in Korea in 2003. It followed in 2005 with a North American release, and then in 2007 with a European release. In 2010, a large patch update called "big bang" was introduced, which added PvP and professions to the game. There are different variations of MapleStory as well, including versions on Nintendo DS, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to name a few.

Players in Maple Story traverse the "Maple World," where characters can fight monsters, trade with NPCs and players, improve their skills and professions, chat, and play mini-games among the many different things to do in MS. Like other MMOs, MapleStory also allows for players to group or party with each other, and now supports guilds as well. Buy MapleStory Mesos from IGE.

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