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MapleStory Mesos

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About Maple Story

In MapleStory, characters use "maplestory mesos" as currency. The servers or realms are called "worlds", and they are numbered sequentially, such as World 1, World 2, etc., and they number into well over a hundred. In the game, when creating a character, you can choose between four basic classes (but think of it more like races), currently: explorer, heroes and resistance, and the cygnus knight. After starting on Maple Island, you can then progress into another more specific class, choosing from: pirate, thief, magician, bowmen, and warrior to name a few. The maximum level cap is at level 120, and along the way you will earn class-specific achievements at levels 30, 70 and 120.

Some fun new game-play additions include four new hero classes available to play, which are the Evan, Aran, Mercedes, Resistance, and the Phantom. They all have stories related to the game's enemy, the Black Mage. Like other popular MMORPGs, the Aran class uses a combo point system in combat, the Evans, are similar to a summoner, the Mercedes is a dual-wielding archer (which is a cool concept in itself), and the phantoms are likened to a doppelganger, able to clone the abilities of their enemy, making for very entertaining and interesting game-play. Buy MapleStory Mesos from IGE!

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