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MapleStory Mesos

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About Maple Story

The MapleStory world uses "maplestory mesos" as currency. It comprises of three main continents for players to explore: Victoria Island, Ossyria, and Maple Island.. The first area, Maple Island, is where everyone begins and learns the game. The next area, Victoria Island, is where most classes begin their training, and contains eight cities. The zone known as Ossyria, which has seven unique environments: temple of time, nihal desert, mu lung garden, el nath mountains, ludus lake, aqua road, and the minar forest.

Here are some basic terms of the game that you should know: "Fame" is a player rating which is set by the community, and is also a requirement to equip certain equipment. "Quests" are tasks to perform which have been assigned by NPCs. "Party Quests" are quests that need a group of people to complete them, usually to defeat a hard enemy. "Monsters" are NPCs that inhabit the world and are killed to gain experience and loot.

When playing MapleStory, it is important to Buy MapleStory Mesos from IGE, to enjoy the game at the beginning and not have to grind out mesos before continuing further.

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