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Knight Online Noah

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About Knight Online

Knight Online (KO) was released in 2004 and uses "Knight Online Noah" as its type of in game currency. This game is developed in South Korea by Mgame Corporation and Noahsystem, and has very low system requirements necessary to play.

KO uses a free-to-play model for the game, and if you're in Korea you will need to enter your Korean resident registration number to play. The official version played in the USA is called Knight Online World, also known as "USKO". Even though the game is officially "free", only premium paid members are able to login to the servers during prime time gaming hours.

Knight Online follows the traditional approach to an MMORPG, using standard formats of classes, leveling, factions, and races. The player first chooses a faction, named El Morad or Karus. From there, you then choose a race: barbarian, el moradian, or a race from Karus. There are four character classes to choose from; the warrior, rogue, mage, and priest, the basic standard for any mmo. Newly created characters begin their journey in Moradan, a neutral trade city. From there, you begin collecting experience points from killing monsters and completing quests. In this game, you will lose experience if you die from a monster. The experience loss depends on the characters level - and it is possible to de-level in this game.

There is a party system in this game as expected, but the number of people per party caps at 8 people, more than most other mmorpgs. Also like other games, partying with a character who is a much higher level than you will result in little to no reward (experience or loot) from killing monsters. When fighting monsters you will come across captains and boss enemies in the game, similar to "elite" enemies in other games.

A player can have up to 3 characters per world on the same account, which use a common bank for storing items and noah (currency.)

There is a PVP system as well. There is a PvP point system, which has National Points and Leader Points (called Ladder Points) awarded for killing enemies. Interestingly enough, some of the points gained are earned from the enemy who was defeated, and also 50% of the currency on hand goes to the other player, so keep your money in the bank! Every month the PvP points are reset, and the top 50 players with the highest National Points, and the top 200 Leader Point players will get a cash bonus called a "knight stipend."

A character has 5 armor slots, used for a helmet, pauldrons, pads, boots and a gauntlet. There are 6 kinds of armor in the game as well; paper, half-plate, plate, full plate (crystal), chitin or crimson, and a chitin shell type of armor. There are also armor and weapon set items like in other games. KO also includes a crafting system where you can try to upgrade your items at the Magic Anvil if you have the correct scroll. Keep in mind that this is not without risk as there is a chance the process does not work and the item is lost forever.

Here at IGE, you can buy knight online noah right here, and as always will receive your currency on time; safe, fast, and guaranteed - every time.

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