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GW2 Gold


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About Guild Wars 2

Like the original Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 uses "gw2 gold" (guild wars 2 gold) as its currency and also uses a skill based combat system, in which players can only select 10 skills from a large pool. There are differences between this and the original game though, in that the first 5 of your skill slots will be determined by the player - something the developers wanted to add to the game - a customizable gaming experience that reacts to your behaviors, similar to a choose your own adventure story. Previously this was thought to only be possible for offline rpg games, but not for online MMORPGs. Of other interest, the level cap for Gw2 will be at level 80, unlike level 20 for its younger brother.

PvP is what made the original game very popular. Guild Wars 2 still keeps its PvP roots, but has created something called "World PvP", where a player can join a very large scale combat environment, and leave as they see fit. This is all taking place in the "persistent world", which as briefly mentioned above means a dynamic world where the character's decisions alter the way the NPCs behave, even to a point of questing progression not being the same for everyone.

Whatever your reason for playing this game, be sure that you buy guild wars 2 gold right here at IGE and get your fix of gw2 PvP all day!

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