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Guild Wars Gold

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About Guild Wars

Guild Wars is a MMORPG that uses "guild wars gold" as its main currency. It was originally released in April of 2005 by ArenaNet through NCSoft, and was marketed as a "competitive online role-playing game" due to it being very focused on PvP (player vs. player) combat.

GW (Guild Wars) is set in the fictional fantasy world "Tyria", where the player can choose their mode of game-play style, either cooperative role-playing (questing etc) or PvP action. One cool thing about GW is that the player can play the game more easily alone, able to solo for experience points by grouping with NPC "henchmen" or "heroes" to help complete quests. The PvP aspect is very popular and easy. Players can start out their first PvP experience with the highest level character and items, meaning that skill (and perhaps sometimes ping) will determine the victor. In the past, ArenaNet hosted Guild Wars tournaments with a prize purse of up to 100,000$ usd.

Players can customize their avatar's hair style, facial structure, skin tone, height, different proportions etc., and then the selection of a profession comes next. A "profession" would be considered a "class" in other mmorpgs. The user can then decide if the character is to be used for PvP or for PvE. The maximum level a character can reach is level 20, and the maximum attribute points are at 200 (earned after completing some quests.) Attribute points are used towards attributes like strength, energy store, and many other countless ones. Similar to some other MMORPGs, Guild Wars has a subclass, or secondary profession, allowing you to use some attributes from your secondary profession while playing as your primary profession. The basic professions (classes) are a monk, warrior, ranger, elementalist, mesmer, and necromancer. After the Guild Wars: Faction expansion, the assassin and ritualist professions were added.

In Guild Wars, correctly "building" your character is very a important part of the game. As previously mentioned, you can have your character can have access to thousands of skills in the game, but you can only equip 8 at a time. This means that your character should be structured in such a way to synergize and work well with other party members. For example, one casts a spell to hasten the enemy target's melee attacks, and at the same time cause them to miss 75% of the time, causing damage to the target for each missed attack. With thousands of combinations to work with, funny and harsh things can be done to other players.

Unlike many recently published MMORPGs that use the free to play model, Guild Wars still requires a payment for the game, though it is possible to try it out for free and download it. Should you enjoy it, and you probably will, there is a one time fee for the game and no monthly subscription, which is great for the wallet. There are expansions in Guild Wars called "campaigns", which need to be purchased separately in order to play that campaign's style of game-play. Purchase of the campaigns is not necessary.

At IGE, we provide an easy way to Buy Guild Wars Gold, to make your gw game-play experience easy and without the grind. The gold is used for things like equipment repairs, buying consumables like healing potions, and for many, many other in-game necessities.

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