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About Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI uses a currency called FFXI Gil. Made by the famed developers of the hugely popular Final Fantasy series, the game is set in a fantasy world called Vana`diel where various quests can be undertaken by players. A stalwart favorite in the MMORPG genre now over a decade old, the game continues to delight those looking band together, quest, summon monsters such as Ifrit and Diabolos, and engage in exciting PVP and PVE. Character development is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game, as FFXI features a number of different character classes, races and jobs inspired by the Final Fantasy series. Players are free to choose from the Elvaan, the Hume, Galka, Mirthra and Tarutaru when they create a new character. There are also a multitude of crafting options and hobbies available, including the player favorite, Chocobo raising and breeding.

The only monsters that drop Gil when defeated are the Beastmen. However, the amount of Gil dropped by these monsters tends to be quite small, making it very difficult to earn FFXI Gil. This is where IGE® comes into play. Buy FFXI Gil at IGE ® safely, and spend more time enjoying your time in Vana`diel.

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