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Fallen Earth Red Chips

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About Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth was released in 2009 and uses "Fallen Earth Chips" as its form of currency. This game was originally launched as a subscription based model, but in 2011 it changed to a free-to-play style.

FE (Fallen Earth) is a MMOFPS (first person shooter) that is set in the Grand Canyon of the USA during a post-apocalyptic time. There are hundreds of items you can find to use and improvise with, Mad Max style. There are in game vehicles, a robust crafting system, factions, and also PvP can be enjoyed in this game. This is all within 1000 square (virtual) kilometers in the game, which is seamless and has no zones, just areas called "sectors."

The setting is creative and in depth. You are one of the last humans on the planet in the last known human civilization camps in the world, the Hoover Dam Garrison and the Grand Canyon Province. The human population was all but wiped out due to the "Shiva virus", which gets its name from the dancing convulsions that occur before death. Countries accuse each other of creating the virus which leads into all out nuclear war. Fortunately, an investment tycoon setup his own private army around the Grand Canyon, which is why your character survived and can play the game!

The game does not use a class style system, but instead relies on skills - trade skills and mutation based skills, both of which are progressed by using Advancement Points or skill usage. Like other MMORPGs you will gain experience points for killing monsters, and also advancement points at the same time. Though there are no "classes" per say, you can effectively shape your character to the type you want, similar to a healer, melee, and a ranged damage dealer.

The combat system in FE is of a first person shooter format, and like most games you can have the camera at 3rd person or play 1st person (which makes sense for a MMO.) There is no automatic enemy targeting in the game, you need to aim at it and shoot just like an FPS. The three main ways of dealing damage in the game are with rifles, pistols, and melee weapons. The weapon types are balanced against each other too, where a person who has a rifle will most likely lose vs. a melee attacker. Likewise a pistol, considered to be a very balanced weapon, would stand a chance vs. most all attacks except a rifle attack from a distance.

There are thousands of items available in the game to find or craft. Each character can hold up to 6 active weapons at a time and are part of your characters appearance. Weapons can range from a baseball bat to an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) and more. As mentioned before there are also vehicles in the game, ranging from personal transportation like a motorcycle to group transports like a bus. Each has different top speeds, fuel types, and different terrain travel abilities. Characters can own a maximum of 5 vehicles, and the most common way to get them is through crafting.

When you're playing Fallen Earth and want to get through the game fast and without the grind, buy fallen earth chips right here at IGE and we will deliver them to you fast, safe, and guaranteed.

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