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Eve Isk

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About Eve Online

Eve Online is best described as a space-fantasy oriented mmo and uses "eve isk" as its currency. Eve was released in May 2003 by CCP Games. It was first launched as a download only game, and was later on added to Steam's distribution client, followed by Atari boxing it for sale in stores.

Gameplay in Eve is unlike most mmorpgs, here there is one single "universe", or realm/server for everyone to play on at the same time. The universe comprises of over 7,500 star systems, usually connected together by stargates. You can pilot your customizable ships through features you would expect in space; planets, wormholes, moons, asteroid belts, stars, stations, and many other things. The universe has different systems each classified by the game as high security or low security, which is a rating for the presence of law enforcement nearby, whose actions may be hostile based on your behavior.

Playing Eve Online happens both online and offline. The game is real time and even if you're not logged in, your character can be passively train skills. Depending on the skill you are training for, it could take months or minutes. You can only train one character at a time (each account can have 3 characters.) There are four different races in EO, they are the Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar, and Caldari. The player can make further customizations to the appearance of the character. Remember to buy Eve Isk to get the most out of your game!

The space ships, which cost a lot of Isk in Eve, are divided into many different classes, ranging from frigates to massive capital ships spanning multiple kilometers long. Think Star Wars size as a reference. Each race in the universe has their own type of ship design, with differing pros and cons, which balance out the game-play against one another. The game is what you make of it, you can have ships related for mining, one for attacking, another for defense, or one for scouting, it's up to your style of play and what you want to accomplish in the alternate reality.

Unlike "guilds" in other mmorpgs, Eve Online has "corporations." A corporation is lead by the CEO (chief executive officer) who oversees the assets and liabilities of the corporation, similar to the way a guild master would in other games. Corporations, once large enough, can merge together with other corps to form "Alliances", aligned to different purposes. Alliances can be used to control lawless space, known as a coalition, or for generating income via mining or manufacturing. One benefit about being in an alliance is that it makes "ratting" possible, which is hunting NPCs for items and loot. One unique thing about Eve is that they permit griefing, which means looting from other players is allowed, along with extortion and other ways to upset other players.

The economy in Eve Online is mostly player driven. The game NPCs will sell skill books for players to train new skills, and they also sell blueprints to allow for manufacturing a ship. The currency of the game is known as "isk", or "Interstellar Kredits" to be long about it. Interestingly enough, "ISK" is also the currency code symbol for Iceland, where the game was developed. Here at IGE it is easy to buy Eve Isk to play Eve easier and faster in training, ship building and many other things!

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