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EQ Plat

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About EverQuest

EverQuest (also known as EQ), uses "eq plat" as its currency and was originally published in 1999 by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). At the time of its release it was competing with the pioneer of MMORPGs that started it all - Ultima Online. EverQuest was different in game-play though and skyrocketed in popularity, even earning the 1999 Game of the Year award from GameSpot.

The game-play of EverQuest is typical for RPG games of its era with lots and lots of grinding. Completing quests could take several months as their requirements take a LONG time to complete. Leveling also takes a lot of time as grinding experience points is difficult. On top of it being difficult to earn experience, every time you die the following happens: you will lose experience, and you need to get your corpse back. Imagine wiping in a raiding several times and losing a level. It happens in EQ.

There are currently 16 different playable classes in EverQuest, which can be broken down into the following categories: 4 pure melee classes (monk, rogue, warrior, berserker), 7 spell-casting classes (cleric, druid, enchanter, magician, necromancer, shaman, wizard), and 5 hybrid classes (shadow knight, ranger, paladin, beast-lord, bard). These classes each can wear their certain types of armor (plate, leather, chain, cloth) now a standard on many MMO games. EQ also has a very large selection of races to choose from, totaling 16. They include the cat people (vah shir), humans (erudite, barbarian, normal human), elves (wood elf, high elf, dark elf), half-elves, dwarfs, gnomes, half-lings, trolls, ogres, lizard people (iksar), frog people (froglok), and dragon people (drakkin).

All in all there are 18 expansions that have been released for EverQuest, and it was not uncommon to have two expansions in one year. Due to the massive amounts of content in the game, it now boasts over 375 "zones", or areas, in the game to explore. The latest expansion, Veil of Alaris, was released last year, on November 15, 2011. As of March 2012, Sony has opened the gates of EverQuest for everyone, and has made it a free to play mmorpg.

Unlike most other MMORPG games, EQ does not have an auction house. Instead, players are able to setup their own shop and are then referred to as a "trader". This means that people will have to inspect your wares, just like in real life, so remain stationary at the Bazaar. For those using the free to play method, you are only allowed to buy from Traders, but you cannot create your own trading shop. Originally, items that could not be traded were known as "no drop", but that has been changed to "no trade". However, on the Firiona Vie server, many items do not have this restriction. "Attuneable" items are the same as "bind on equip" for other games.

Currency in the game is also straight forward. The most valuable currency is EverQuest Platinum. This is not easy to earn grinding in the game because 1 plat (known as "pp" in game) is equivalent to 100 gold pieces "gp". 1 gold piece is worth 100 silver pieces, and 1 silver piece is worth 100 copper pieces. Most of the time you will only earn copper or silver pieces, so it makes sense to buy EverQuest platinum from IGE and skip the grind.

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