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Dragon Nest Gold for SEA Servers

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Why Buy Dragon Nest Gold from IGE?

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About Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest uses a currency system like many other games (Dragon Nest Gold), with copper, silver and gold. There is also Nexon Coins, or NX, which can be used to purchase in game items from the "Dragon Vault" cash shop. Also of interest are "geodes", which can increase an items rank from 0 to +7, +10, +11, or +14 instantly. Participating in PvP will award you with "Goddess's Medals", which are used to purchase items from the arena quartermaster.

There is also a manga (Japanese comic) based on the game, named "Dragon Nest-Shungeki no Sedo." Three volumes of this comic have been published so far, each with about 12 chapters in them. The comic follows the story of a warrior, an archer, a sorceress, and a cleric as they fight to rescue a prophetess from a mysterious shadowy figure. In Japan, there are also some special packages of the game, the 1st anniversary package, and also a "Dragon Nest Drama CD", which is called "prelude - awakening of fate," and runs for 69 minutes long with the same in-game voice actors.

The game has somewhat higher system requirements than many other free-to-play MMOs. The minimum requirement is a 2.4Ghz Pentium CPU, and 512mb ram. The recommended specs are a dual-core CPU and 1gb of RAM. Still when compared to today's computers this is not a super computer, but many of these free-to-play games have a strong market in countries where the computer technology is not up to date.

Should you decide to play Dragon Nest (and why not, it's free), remember us here at IGE when you decide to buy dragon nest gold.

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