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DFO Gold

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About Dungeon Fighter Online

Originally developed by Neople, a South Korean company, with an English version created by Nexon America, Dungeon Fighter Online (which uses DFO Gold as its in-game currency) is an exciting game with a variety of powerful classes and challenging dungeons.

Designed in classic 2D side-scrolling mode, Dungeon Fighter Online lets players duke it out in arcade-style hack and slash combat.

Amass loads of DFO gold to trick out your toons. Gamers may choose to play as a Mage, Slayer, Priest, Thief, Fighter, or Gunner:

  • Mages are a magical class from the world of Pandemonium. The (female) Mage is physically the smallest class, but her petite stature belies behemoth magical powers that can defeat the enemy in mere seconds. The Male Mage is similar to the female, but his powers are tinged with darkness from the evil he has performed. Use DFO gold to gear up your Mages with staves, poles, spears, rods, broomsticks and cloth armor.
  • The Priest, following his hallowed calling to rid the world of evil, lives to prevent the demon Ozma from resurrection. Trick out your Priest with heavy armor and battle axes, totems, crosses, rosaries and scythes.
  • The Thief is a Dark Elf that has seen much suffering and death. She has shunned the magic her ancestors wielded, and is now an assassin and a spy. The Thief class wears leather armor and wields daggers, dual blades and wands.
  • Gunners are an elite class of fighters learned in the art of war. Buy DFO gold to purchase leather armor and autoguns, muskets, hand cannons, revolvers and bow guns for your Gunners.
  • The Slayer's left arm has been possessed by Kazan the demon, and magical shackles keep the curse from spreading. Hence the Slayer has only one arm with which to do combat, but what he does with one hand is more than what other fighters can do with two. The Slayer wears heavy armor and uses the following weapons which may be purchased with DFO gold: bludgeon weapons, katanas, short swords, zanbatos, lightsabers.
  • Fighters use a variety of combat techniques, evolved and developed from generations of training and discipline. This repertoire of fighting styles more than make up for Fighters' lack of magical abilities. Fighters wear light armor and take down their enemies with knuckles, tonfas, claws, gauntlets and boxing gloves.
In the DFO universe, skills and weapons make or break your character, and having the best of both ensures success and steady onward progress. Buying skills with DFO gold lets you master the game faster and take on dungeons and defeat enemies soundly.

Stock up on DFO gold and take down monsters and foes with ease! Buy DFO gold from IGE.com.

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