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DDO Plat

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About Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online, known as "DDO", uses "ddo plat" as it's form of currency. Dungeons & Dragons Online was released in February of 2006 and its creation stemmed from the old and hugely popular Dungeons and Dragons offline (pen and paper version, similar to cos-playing sometimes.) The game itself is from Wizards of the Coast, the creators of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. This game was developed by Turbine, and published by Atari and Codemasters, for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

DDO is set in the fantasy world of Xen'drik, in the world of Eberron. The game borrows its rules from the pen and paper version of the game, D&D version 3.5, but some compromises had to be made to compensate for the differences in online play vs. tabletop play. Issues started to arise when the developer (Turbine) wanted to use a real-time combat style play, whereas the D&D rules are turn-based, among other things like a lowered cost to use (1/8th of the cost in game compared to the tabletop version.)

DDO has many races to choose from when creating your character. You are able to choose all but one race, the Drow, which needs to be unlocked or purchased. The character races are the following: humans, elves, dwarfs, half-lings, warforged, drow, half-elf and the half-orc. There are still some races missing from the original game such as the gnomes.

There are no alignments (like a faction) available in the game. Instead what DDO does is classify a player as good, chaotic, or neutral. Some classes like the Paladin must be Lawful Good, while a barbarian or bard may not be lawful, but can be simply "good" for example. Some in game items have alignment restrictions as well, and if you insist on using it without the restriction, your character will receive a penalty.

After about 3 years from its release, the D&D online website announced that Dungeons & Dragons : Stormreach would convert from a subscription based model to a free-to-play system for gamers in North America. They have since increased the level cap to 20 (the standard for the tabletop version) and have segregated their games content for users who are considered a VIP (who subscribe), a Premium player (who spend a little money on the game), and a free player, who have more limitations than the other types, but can still play. The game is free for download.

Give the game a try, and remember to visit us again when you're ready to Buy DDO Plat right here at IGE. Dungeons & Dragons online can be a grind, but we're here to help you make the most out of your gaming.

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