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Last Chaos Gold

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About Last Chaos

Last Chaos is an MMORPG that uses "Last Chaos Gold" as its in-game currency. The game is developed and published by Aeria Games and was released in 2006. This game follows the typical format of MMO games, with character classes, crafting, a pet system, and other various skills also found in other games.

There are 6 different initial classes for you to choose from: the Titan (melee, lots of hitpoints), the Knight (melee warriors with fast hitpoint recovery), the Sorcerer (uses offensive magic and summoning abilities), the Mage (primary magical damage dealers), the Rogue (melee damage dealer), and the Healer (healing, and other supportive spells.) Each of these classes are gender limited, so you have to be a female character to play the Healer, Rogue, or Mage, and a Male character for the Titan, Sorcerer, and Knight.

After reaching level 31, you can specialize your character class even further. At level 31, Titans can choose to become a Highlander (axe wielding), or a Warmaster (sword wielder.) Likewise, the Knight can become a Royal Knight (dual wield swords), or a Templar Knight (sword and shield.) The Sorcerer can become an Elementalist (Fallarm use) or a Specialist (Scythe use.) The Mage, at level 31, can specialize into a Witch (wand user) or a Wizard (staff user.) The Rogue can specialize into an Assassin (dagger user), or a Hunter (crossbow user.) The Healer can choose between a Cleric (scepter user) or an Archer (bow user.) Remember, you can buy Last Chaos Gold direct from IGE.

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