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Cabal Alz for US Servers

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About Cabal Online

In Cabal Online (which uses "Cabal Alz" as its currency), there are 6 different classes to choose from in the game, they are: Warrior (good for melee damage), the Blader (fast melee class with enhanced dodge and accuracy), Wizard (direct damage, AoE spells), Force Archer (ranged direct damage), Force Shielder (good as a tank), Force Blader (debuffer). All classes have their own special skills which are sword or magic based. At later times in the game you can unlock special skills such as the "Combo Mode", which allows for teamwork based combination attacks, dealing much more damage to the enemy.

The current level cap (maximum level) a character can reach is currently at level 190, and it has been increasing by 10 levels about once a year. Once a character has dinged at level 52, and has completed the Nation choosing quest (choosing either the Capella or Procyon faction), the character is eligible for the Nation War, Tierra Gloriosa, which happens every 2 hours. This Nation War allows the characters of both factions to go at war with each other for one hour, and there is an entrance lobby for each faction to take some time to develop a winning strategy and prepare their equipment and consumables.

Cabal Online has been received around the world as a popular, albeit generic, mmorpg. Countries that have a Cabal presence include: European Union, North America, Brazil, South East Asia, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, and Italy. The computer requirements to play the game are remarkably low, needing only a Pentium 3 800mhz processor and 512mb ram and 2.5 gigs of hard drive space. The recommended requirements are not that much higher, so it is safe to say this game can be played (and is) most everywhere in the world.

This is another great and free MMORPG option to download and give it a try. As always, we here are IGE are here to support you when you are ready to buy cabal alz, and get it delivered fast, safe, and guaranteed.

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