Rise of the Argonauts - New RPG
Rise of the Argonauts RPG announced for 2008

Codemasters recently announced a new role-playing game (RPG) being developed by Liquid Entertainment. Rise of the Argonauts, set in ancient Greece, this epic scale RPG will have you controlling teams of mythological warriors through vile warfare in a world ruled by the gods. In Rise of the Argonauts, player takes on the role of Jason, King if Iolcus, the great and battle-hardened warrior. At the onset, Jason has everything – a flourishing empire, citizens’ respect and the love of Alceme, the stunning bride to be. This charmed existence ended when Alceme was killed by an assassin’s arrow on their wedding day.

Overcome with angst, Jason vowed to do anything to restore her. He heard of the Legendary Golden Fleece, on the lost Isle of Tartarus, which is said to bring the dead back to life. In order to reunite with his beloved, Jason must now prepare for the greatest expedition of all.
Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2007/04/19/rise-of-the-argonauts-rpg-announced-for-2008/

Other upcoming MMORPGs to look forward to: Guild Wars 2 – A sequel to the Guild Wars series which is presently under development by ArenaNet, and will continue the original Guild Wars tradition of no subscription fee. The game will feature a new game engine, changes to character development and the PvP system. No release dates have been announced yet.

Huxley – This is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooting (MMOFPS) game. Developed by Webzen Inc. and was inspired by the Novel Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley. The game happens in a post apocalyptic world where humans have mutated and are divided into two conflicting races, the Sapiens versus the Alternative. In the middle of the fight for survival is Lunarites, a new energy source that both sides seek out to attain. Huxley players can communicate with each other in a virtual online city and participate in side battles with the intuitive PvP system. Everything that a character does in the Huxley world would directly influence the success of their race and party, all dealings are linked to the continued existence of a character’s entire race.

Source: http://www.mmocrunch.com/2007/12/18/top-5-most-anticipated-mmos-for-2008/#comments