IGE® History: The facts!
About IGE®

IGE® is a diversified service provider operating the world’s largest secure network for buying and selling massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) virtual currency. Today the company trades in WoW Gold, FFXI Gil, EQ2 plat, L2 Adena, War Gold, AoC Gold, and more.

IGE® is known for its honest service and fair business practices; secure transactions, fast delivery, friendly 24-hour customer service and rock solid guarantees. IGE® is dedicated to helping gamers customize their game play and fostering a more enjoyable gaming experience. Registered names and Trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective owners. IGE® is not affiliated with any game publisher.

IGE® History: The facts!

In an industry still evolving, IGE® has been the only consistent, dependable and secure provider of virtual currency services to online gamers. Internet Gaming Entertainment
The Beginning...
The company, IGE® US LLC was formed in January 2003. Driven by gamer interest, it quickly became the second largest seller of Everquest Platinum.

Pivotal Events...
2004 saw even more growth and market share consolidation as the company successfully merged with its leading competitor, mysupersales.com, more than doubling the company's annual revenues. During this timeframe IGE stuck its toe into content and fan site ownership through a number of acquisitions including L2orphus and Ogaming, and acquired a small but well known US based trading platform, Player Auctions.

Additionally, the company hired several industry veterans to help professionalize operations, to deal with explosive growth and to approach publishers and developers directly. It turned to the Themis Group to develop and implement a worldwide marketing campaign for IGE®'s portfolio of MMOG services and made the decision to broaden IGE®'s range of services to sell Power leveling, game accounts, game guides, and and currencies for emerging MMOG’s such as Dark Age of Camelot, FFXI, and Star Wars Galaxy.

IGE® sailed through 2005 as the absolute number one provider of services for MMOGs.

2006: Big Acquisitions, Big Investments...

By February 2006, IGE® US LLC had acquired Allakhazam and Thottbot, the two premier independent fan sites through its wholly owned subsidiary, RPG Holdings, LLC . At the same time, a major financier stepped in and invested approximately 60 million (USD). By May 2006, the Zam Network was formed, RPG Holdings, LLC renamed itself to Affinity Media Holdings, LLC, and the company acquired a controlling interest in the largest virtual currency trading platform in Korea, Item Mania. Over the next several months, all of the founders and early management team of IGE either resigned or moved out of operating positions with the company. Shortly thereafter, under the stewardship of Affinity Media, the company was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and its worldwide RMT operations, with the exception of Item Mania, were struggling.

2007: Brave new beginnings!
In April 2007, Atlas Technology Group Inc agreed to buy certain Affinity Media Holdings, LLC assets, including the IGE® domain and website and the back-end order systems and servers. It did not acquire the company, IGE, US LLC or its Hong Kong and PRC based subsidiaries.

On a side note, in May of the same year, IGE, US LLC was slapped with a lawsuit filed by C. Richard Newsome of the Newsome Law Firm on behalf of Antonio Hernandez. While it received a lot of publicity, the action was (in our humble opinion) on shaky ground from the beginning. It never qualified as a "class action", it made a bunch of noise in the press, and was quickly settled (the settlement amount is not in the public record but it is speculated to be a paltry settlement... nobody settles early in a class action matter unless the train has come off of the rails).

Throughout 2007 and 2008, Atlas worked to completely refurbish the website, its underlying technologies and to build the site once again into a market leader. Atlas focused on customer satisfaction, ethical and clearly stated business practices and guarantees, and offering great services at industry leading pricing.

2009: Leading Once Again...
As a result of its hard work and commitment to excellence and its customers, IGE.com has re-emerged as the leading provider of virtual currency services in the world. No company has more market share. No company in the industry matches IGE's Bizrate ratings on a consistent basis. No other company has a similar history of millions of successful transactions and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. In the near future, IGE.com is looking to expand its selection with upcoming games like Aion Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic and other new MMOGs.

And that is not all. IGE.com is taking a leading stand against fraud and harmful practices such as spam, both in-game and out. IGE.com, working with other committed sites, is leading an effort to "clean up the industry".

In the 7 years since its inception, the RMT industry has evolved greatly. Today, it is not driven by gamer-to-gamer trades. Instead, it is a billion dollar annual market place, with the majority of currency provided by professional “farmers” working in third world countries. While this has brought the convenience of more inventories for purchase, it has also brought with it a host of problems.

Fraud hurts all of us. Unfortunately, because the industry is unregulated, and many gold sellers are located in countries where it is hard to prosecute fraud, there have been too many examples of abuse. IGE is working to change that.

Self Regulation:
We require vendors who work with IGE to adhere to ethical business standards or we stop doing business with them. Period.

IGE has set these benchmark standards for your protection:

  • - Zero tolerance for fraud
  • - Ethical sourcing policies
  • - McAfee and VeriSign verified e-commerce sites
  • - Scrupulous monitoring of our systems to prevent malicious activities…we guarantee that our sites are virus free
  • - Absolutely NO in-game, or email spam
  • - Expert, English speaking and comprehensive customer service
  • - Clear and documented complaints escalation and refund procedures and policies
  • - Clear terms of service and privacy policies
Please do your part. You have the power to reduce abuse by only buying from sites that conform to similar standards of business ethics.