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Aion Kinah


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About Aion Online

Aion Online uses a currency called "Aion Kinah", this exciting MMO developed by NCSoft, is centered in the ancient world of Atreia where players can engage in PvPvE or Player vs Player vs Environment. Aion Online (or Aion: The Tower of Eternity in Korea) vividly illustrates the fascinating lore of Atreia, an incredible world thousands of years old, filled with excitement and adventure.

Players can choose from any of the four available classes (warrior, scout, mage and priest) and decide whether you want to be part of the Elyos or Asmodian race. Upon reaching level 10, you are then given the option to choose a subclass. If you are one to take character creation seriously, Aion does not disappoint as its levels of customization are unprecedented. Aside from the usual hairstyle and armor options, you can take full control of your character's image by modifying the neck length, head size, brow angle and many more.

The game's currency, Aion Kinah is obtained by completing quests, defeating monsters and even through the in-game auction house. You can also buy cheap Aion Kinah right here on IGE, we offer low prices and speedy, guaranteed delivery.

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