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Welcome to your Affiliate sign up and get started tour guide!

Our aim is to give you what you always dream of - lots of money, for little work!

We asked ourselves, 'What can we do to help you achieve this'?

To start, we looked at tracking software ... and after extensive research we selected one with features that will do just that!

Yes, you already have the IGE.com branding and reputation that will do most of the work for you, but couple that with cutting edge tracking and campaign management software and you have the winning formula!

  • Use drill down reporting to manage your own campaigns
  • Customizable link codes that enable you to track and understand your customers
  • Create your own banners to suit your website design
  • Or use one of ours
  • Pixel tracking that allows you to track conversions to any software you might use to run your marketing programs

These are just a few of the features that will allow you to sit back and relax.Sounds complicated? ... Don't worry, because on top of all that you can enjoy ongoing in-house support every day of the year. We can help get you up and running from scratch! Affiliate marketing has never been made easier!

All you have to do is think about how to spend your money!


A useful list of industry lingo to help you on your way:

Publisher / Partner: You (the Affiliate)

Advertiser: Me (the Affiliate program provider)

Commission rate: Basic monitory % reward for your completed sales referrals

Banner: A graphic promotion method in varying dimensions displayed on an HTML page

Banner Code: Static banner tracking code obtained from your publisher panel

Campaign: A campaign is a grouping of components needed to run an advertising promotion.

Click: The act of a person clicking on a link or banner

Conversion: A lead or sale resulting from a campaign

Link: The landing or entrance page to which the visitor/customer is directeda

Link code: Static tracking link obtained from your publisher panel

Tracking Codes: Link or Banner tracking links used by publishers


Your quick and simple sign up process:

Simply follow this link "Sign Up" and fill out your information!

After you have clicked "Signup" wait for your confirmation email and approval to the program (usually within 24 hours).

Book mark your login page and start earning money!


Log on to your Publisher panel and add your banners and links to your website html!

To add a banner to your website, cut and paste the html for the banner(s) of your choice, to any webpage. The html is already pre-coded with your affiliate \ID and will correctly track and report referred sales.

To add a link, cut and paste the link to any webpage, email or signature. Again, the link is already pre-coded with your affiliate \ID and will correctly track and report referred sales.

Your customers will start clicking ... . And the money will come rolling in.

It is that easy!


Reporting is at your fingertips 24/7!

Its real time, and can be as simple or in depth as you want it to be! Understand your customer base with drill down reporting.

  • Report the date and time a conversion was made
  • The conversion type
  • The custom id
  • The amount of conversion and commission
  • The click date and custom information
  • Individual link and banner and campaign performance

... And lots- lots more

Sign up for more info.


Reporting is at your fingertips 24/7!

Enjoy our industry leading commission structure and bonus rewards program.

  • 12% base commission
  • Increase up to 20% with our easy to achieve bonus plan
  • Extra commission for referred publisher referrals
  • Loyalty program that rewards all of our committed partners
  • Regular - on time Payout!

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Thank you for taking the tour!

Now that you have an idea on how easy it is to earn money from our affiliate program, don't waste more time.

Sign Up now and start earning!